My album Meraki is out and available on all major streaming platforms!

Many thanks to my producer Edan Freiberger for all the work he put into this project and the many afternoon’s spent collaborating! When I first showed the songs to Edan, I mentioned some emotions I was trying to capture for different songs.. nostalgia, uncertainty, flirtatiousness, etc. Edan’s style took the tracks in a direction I found to be really interesting and beautiful. And I feel he made a group of very different songs all work together.

Fun fact: he’s playing violin on all the tracks

And thank you to my Executive Producer and dear friend, Adam Hagenboo. The first person who heard these songs, introduced my to my producer, and supported me throughout the entire process, this project would have never come to be without Adam!

I could go on and on, but I’ll just say thanks guys❤️❤️ hope y’all dig and don’t forget to #gowiththeflolivia :))