My new single, "Sensitivity", is dropping on February 14th, AKA this Valentine's Day! That's just a few days away!

I cowrote "Sensitivity" with the very talented Abigail Barlow, who also produced the track. Definitely check out her music on Spotify and Itunes!

The idea behind "Sensitivity" is pretty simple. I spent way too long feeling bad about myself for being a sensitive person. Then I started to think, hey, maybe instead of beating myself up all the time, I should see it from a different perspective and understand that this is one of my greatest assets. 

I bet people like me would vouch for the fact that you pay a price for wearing your heart on your sleeve. But in the end, it is a quality to be grateful for. I'd like to think it's better to be in touch with your feelings than oblivious to them.  I never want to allow anyone to intimidate me into turning that part of myself off.  Don't ever let anyone tell you that there is something wrong with you. Maybe they wish they could be more like you :) 

"Sensitivity" will be available on Spotify and Itunes and a bunch of other places on February 14th, 2018. Hope you dig  #gowiththeflolivia